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The Marathon Travel & Tourism was founded in Amman in 2014 and categorized by Ministry of Tourism as (A) company

Our vision:

To be a first choice of the clients seeking to fulfill their travel arrangements in Jordan and abroad

Our mission:

Always seek to provide excellent tourist services of high quality cope with global progress and contribute to the development of tourism in our country and meet the needs of all categories of clients.

Our target:

Provide our customers with all the requested touristic services, whether the groups, families or individuals, distinctly .. in a challenging way that fits all the requirements through the quality and the price, through the work crew consisting of highly qualified staff who are ready to provide all kinds of customized services.

Our policy:

- Ensuring perfect relations with our customers and suppliers - Restaurants - Airlines – Transportations.

- To ensure the development of business relations and friendship the binds us with our partner agents and direct clients as well.

- Contribute in the development of the tourism in our country.

- Commitment to after sales service points and the full implementation of the booking.

Core values:

(A) To ensure providing excellent services meeting our valued customers expectations.

(B) Direct advices to Our customers and putting their interests above anything else.

(C) Employees appreciation and reward for the outstanding performance.

(D) Teamwork and encouragement of the employees

Our Services & Activities




In this section we tale care of meeting the requirement of all kinds of services, whether inside or outside Jordan and here’s the quick overview of what we do:




Tours inside & outside Jordan

Organizing the tours to archeological sites accompanied by experienced guides


Hotel bookings


Hotel booking in Jordan and abroad ensuring distinctive service




We provide International & Domestic reservations of tickets all over the world giving you a wide choice of travel


From Amman, Marka, Aqaba to any country around the wolrd choosing the most suitable carrier for your and your customers



Tour guide services


We Care about having the tour guide service for the customers or accompany your guests in tours to archaeological and tourist sites, whether in or outside Jordan


Honeymoon Packages


We Care about arranging our customers tours taking into consideration all the details making it a lifetime unforgettable memory




 Rental cars and buses

Private transfers with qualifies drivers all over the world





Arrival/ departure assistance services


Whether you’re Jordanian or a forgeigner we provide a very special arrival assistance for our customers in Jordan or abroad


Business VIP services


Here of course we care about the types of services that we offer, which were mentioned earlier, and Marathon travel have turned to a suitable agent for the level of service required by the businessman VIPs


Haj & Umrah
We offer a range of HAJ & Umrah packages to suit a range of budgets and durations, tailored to the specific needs of many individuals. Having the resources to hand to make your experience h as memorable as possible

Accommodation within 3 to 5 star hotels located specifically within easy walking distance of the Haramain Sharifain and much more including air conditioned transport to and from locations whilst at your destination.


Group tours to Holy Land / Jerusalem

We help you obtain your group visa, ensure transportation & accommodation

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